Series Overview

Bokujo Monogatari, known as Story of Seasons and formerly Harvest Moon, is a series of farming and life simulation video games created by Yasuhiro Wada. The series first debuted for the Super Nintendo in 1996 and is produced by Victor Interactive Software which is now under Marvelous Entertainment since 2003.

The games are very open-ended, and this is something that I love about the series. Those who like games with more direction, plot, or linearity may struggle to get into them. Each game begins with the protagonist moving to a new town because they inherited an old, rundown farmland. Some feature an additional plot such as rescuing the Harvest Goddess or Harvest Sprites which can be accoomplished by just performing simple objectives such as farming, befriending animals and villagers, and making money. However, the primary goal is to build your new farm to flourish which can be accomplished through raising animals and harvesting crops.

Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons?

In 2014, two farming simulation titles were announced: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley by Natsume and Story of Seasons by Marvelous and X-Seed. Natsume and Marvelous are both household names to fans of the series: Marvelous creates the games, and Natsume localizes them as Harvest Moon in the west so this caused a lot of confusion at first.

Marvelous pushed toward using their own localization division, X-Seed, for future releases and started localizing games in the series as Story of Seasons. The original name Harvest Moon was the title used solely by Natsume for their localizations; they maintained the copyright and began using the name to publish their own farming simulation games. Bokujo Monogatari localizations have been officially renamed Story of Seasons and are still created by the developers who made the Harvest Moon games prior to 2014.

Now, many prefer to refer to the localizations as the Story of Seasons series which include all the old Harvest Moon games. I find that it's clunky and confusing, and most casual fans of the series might not even know about the change. For the sake of this personal dedication, I will refer to each individual game with the localization name since that is the name I am used to using and the series overall as Bokujo Monogatari since it's technically not the localized Harvest Moon series anymore. Anything released after Harvest Moon: A New Beginning in 2012 under the name Harvest Moon is not in the Bokujo Monogatari series even though I may mention those games here and eventually add some information on them if I get a chance to play them.